About Us

We are a bit unusual

We say we do not operate like a traditional company but then we are a legally established organisation. We say that we do not care so much about money yet our products have paid plans, if all this sounds confusing it probably is, below is our attempt at untangling things.

Why did you incorporate?

Building and running products is expensive, we needed a way to generate sufficient funds so that we are able to continue investing in making them better, the only way to do this is to be a legally established identity and charge money.

Do you have an actual office?

We don’t, our team works remotely on their own free time. Most of us have a full time job or operate other businesses for a living, Tenflares is a passion project. Learn more on how we approach product delivery with a ​remote decentralised team​ .

How did the team come together?

We have been working remotely together for many years. It all began when the first team members worked together on a movie review website that never fully took off.

Ten years later or so, we are still working together on multiple projects and ideas. Tenflares is where we all come together to express ourselves in a more creative,less constrained way.

Can I join the team?

We are always looking for talented and creative people to join the team. Having said that, most of our current team members work pro-bono for the organisation. If you super talented and are interested in a low paying, creatively demanding job, we would love to hear from you!

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