Not a corporation, not an agency

The idea behind Tenflares is based on the simple belief that a small group of 10 people is all that is needed to create beautiful products that people want to use.

We are not swayed or motivated by revenue targets, acquisitions, or money. Our main goal is to solve problems that we think are worth solving, some of these problems may be apparently small but they matter to us and to the people that use our products.

Sometimes we also help other people solve problems that matter to them. When this happens, we don’t work for free, but we do not operate like a traditional agency would, we go all in, as if the business was ours. This is why we need to believe in whatever project we decide to embark on, it is always a personal and emotional commitment to us, it's not merely work.

All of our team members are scattered across the globe, some have day jobs, others are professional freelancers, entrepreneurs and start-up founders from different cultures, backgrounds and ethnicities.

What brings us together is our passion for the process of creating something from scratch, and the potential that whatever we create could add value to someone's life.

Some of our products will work, most will fail, we will enjoy the process nonetheless.